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Yesterday, I was a bit ill, but today I connected an administrative interface for my server. I figured out the basics of using Charles Proxy web debugging, which means I listened to some HTTP and HTTPS traffic going to/from my computer to my server. My local compy is set up with a copy of WordPress as my staging device. It turned out to be a distraction from my goal, but hey! I learned something.

I discovered how easy it was to use RealVNC on my Android phone to look at what’s on my Ubuntu dev workstation. It’s impressive, being able to access a full computer from a phone. Also, it’s slow going, so I wouldn’t ever be able to use it for work. Then again, if I need something or, as happened today, need to see something I was working on, I can do it easily. This capability will be amplified by a VPN connection that will allow me to access my dev server from anywhere in the world with internet and provided my IP isn’t blocked (for whatever reason).

This site is secured for HTTPS (SSL) communication by LetsEncrypt!, which I love.

Tomorrow, I intend to assure that everything backup- and infrastructure-oriented is secure to my satisfaction. By that, I mean that I need to have scheduled backups and perhaps more periodic backups of critical data to make sure this site never goes down permanently. I need to make money off this, and I want to do it by providing advanced, general technical support and knowing how to build sites to my client’s needs. I’m starting local. My branding for what I want to produce is “Business-level IT Support”.

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