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Since I last posted here, I’ve worked a lot to make sure this site is secure and functional. My final design, which will involve a free WordPress theme I still need to choose, should be finished by the beginning of next week. I’m slightly delayed because I’m working on other things, too, but I’m dedicated to making sure I have something easy to have, easy to maintain, and easy to troubleshoot (given basic Linux system admin skills).

I’ve fixed a number of behind the scenes issues, such as adding a gratis CAPTCHA to assure only humans (or human-like AI) can post comments and such. When I’m not broke, I’ll add a solution that I much rather prefer, one that doesn’t rely on the end-user (you) having to click images or what have you. There were also errors coming into my logs, and I get emails for those. One was PHP telling me about redundancies in my INI files. I handled that issue moments ago.

Today, I want to make sure everything is backed up, and if I’m able, I want to test my restore process locally (presuming if it works locally, it’ll work in a catastrophe). This stuff isn’t rocket science, but I’m both remembering and learning as I go along.

Something else I want to learn is how one might migrate from a Windows Server infrastructure to a Linux one. This is something I want to know how to do, but it applies specifically to a company I love. More on that as it’s available.

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