An Ode to Fermentation

Cloudy with life, the bubbling goodness,
Effervescent, sour or sweet…
I believe my good fortune, but can hardly believe it.
Veggies, fruits, sugar, and wild yeast!
What a combination.
I watch and taste.
I observe and document weights, volumes, and flavor.
Fermentation is such a blessed and wonderful process.

More Thoughts

Fermentation is rather like magic. As with cooking food, it is a process that unlocks nutrients. Perhaps unlike cooking, fermentation adds broad and lovely flavors to everything and anything I may ferment.

My first choice for fermentation is vegetables. The method I use is so very simple: Cut vegetables into small portions—shredding or dicing, depending the veggie—add between 1.5 to 2.5% salt by weight, and keep the vegetables under their own juices, perhaps adding a bit of brine to supplement, then wait.

I keep all my fermentations in oxygen-free environments. I use the most basic equipment (jars with lids sealed just enough to let CO2 escape).

So far, I’ve been extremely successful. I have rave reviews for my sauerkraut and variant kimchi mixes. I’ve also made Quince Champagne and kombucha. It is my favorite hobby, and it helps my gut behave like a champ where before it did not.

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