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Available Services

These are the services and projects Keener Edge Consulting can offer for your business:

  • FREE! Initial consultation
  • Domain name acquisition
  • Site hosting
  • Website creation
  • Website design
  • Technical consultation
    • Security
    • General IT solutions
    • Industry-specific research
    • IT Best practices
  • On-site and Remote Support
  • Written content creation

Initial Consultation

We will have a call, in-person chat, or meet via Skype or other communication software to discuss the needs of your business and how KEC can fulfill those needs. KEC will provide the notes for this meeting in a secure online document. If you decide KEC is the provider for your business, we will agree to a contract in common language which will include the terms of service, the expected results, hourly fees, and any additional sections as needed.

If KEC cannot provide the solution you need, we will provide next steps and at least one referral for your review.

Cost of Services

[Subject to change]

Hourly Fee

$50/hour – You will be invoiced at this rate. Hours will not be billed unless they are specified in contract or otherwise authorized in writing by your business.

Domain Name Acquisition

$20/year – If your business does not have a web address, we can discuss options and find something that fits your needs.

Site Hosting

Includes monthly, weekly, and daily backups

  • $240/year – Individual / Entrepreneur, small business
  • More plans are available, depending on your needs
  • Backups may be provided to you for a fee upon request

Website creation

$100 one-time fee. Almost everyone in business wants a website and KEC is here to help. We will provide you with a site built on WordPress with a basic theme. Additional pages, design, formatting are provided at an hourly fee.

Website design

Hourly fee. KEC will provide advice and best practices to engage your prospects and convert them to leads online. Then KEC offers implementation of theming and design at an hourly rate.

Technical Consultation and Content Creation

Hourly fee. The success of your business is the success of KEC. If you have technical or content creation needs beyond the above, we can provide solutions as needed.

On-site and Remote Support

Hourly fee. IT Support is offered for general issues, including help with word processing, spreadsheets, converting file formats, and advanced features of the programs you use every day for your business. If applicable, travel and per diem will be invoiced for on-site support at prevailing Federal rates for your locale and the current fiscal year.